Android 13: Top New Features To Experience

Android is the word of the world! A lot keeps happening in this world. The latest Android 13 updates have been making a buzz in the market. The upgrades in the features and functionality have made quite the talk of the town.

Android 13 Features

Your landing on this clearly talks about your interest in knowing the features. So before we talk about the upgrade in the features and functionalities, we should pay attention to the date of release.

Android 13 Release Date

After offering the developer preview of the latest Android 13, Google has also burst the bubble with the release date timeline. Even when they managed to keep the suspense by not telling the exact date but they have mentioned August 2022.

However, there can be changes in the release date, so is it better if you don’t make any prior assumptions. Talking of the release of Android 13, it has been named Tiramisu.

Upgrade in Android 13

The upgrade in the OS has brought some significant changes that users have been waiting for years now. A lot of customization options are provided to the users to make sure that they don’t fall sick of the same old things.

Android 13: Top New Features

1. Auto Theme

When Google shared the preview, it clearly showed that this new upgrade would match your expectation of making your phone feel new every day. You will now be able to theme the icons just the way you can theme the entire OS in Android 12.

However, restrictions seem unfortunately to the non-pixel devices. There are two caveats here. This will only be found on the Pixel devices after the launch. The second is that it will work with the apps that developers have included.

To be simple, you might not be able to acquire a complete theming experience with its launch. However, it might take the giant to develop it after a few years.

2. Improvement in its functionality

Android 12 was a major upgrade with new utilizing that includes baked-in scrolling and the one-handed mode. It also has the auto-rotate setting and the app search feature. However, with Android 13, it is even more.

  • You will find the QR code scanner even more appropriate: Unlike the past, it won’t feel clumsy. You can find the quick toggle button in the preview itself, which shows that you can easily access the QR scanner. Despite it not working at present, Google might have something in mind.
  • Tap for media controls: The smarter sharing button included is an addition to it. Even when the truth is yet to be experienced, a source has to say that the TTT system will allow users to transfer media to different devices with ease.
  • A pin-drop silent mode: This is again a great update in the OS. In other devices, the silent mode can include haptics and vibration. However, Android 13 has taken care of it by making the silent mode insanely silent.
  • Per-app language: This can be a great choice for users who prefer to use different languages for different apps. With Android 13, this can be possible. The “per-app language toggles” allow you to use different languages for different apps which are separate from your system language.

3. Robust Security Updates

Google never fails to impress its users with security and privacy updates. In every new update that they roll out, they can thoroughly impress their users from being secured and private to more secured and more private. The control they offer is what users keep waiting for. And as always, Android 13 is another major update in this phase.

  • Private Photo Picker: The new Android 13 will offer users the freedom to select from both cloud and local photos for different applications.
  • Nearby wifi Devices: In Android 12, it requires location permission when it finds nearby wifi. This can be quite risky. However, Android 13 has taken care of it by finding the nearby wifi devices. This has the runtime permission that offers new apps an option where they do not need to give location access.

If you are excited about the new Android 13 features and functionalities, you need to wait a few more months. It might happen that when you start using it, the features and functionality might feel heavenly. Because Google would not leave any chance to offer you the wow factor. So, the wait begins!