10 Best Canon Lenses in 2024

Are you searching for the best Canon lenses for your Canon DSLR or mirrorless camera? We have listed the best canon lenses for you to go longer, wider and closer. Keep reading this article!

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Choosing the right Canon lenses is important to get the desired result from your Canon camera. But, to pick the best Canon lens you need to understand your photography and what you want to shoot.

Our Top Picks : 

Best for Macro, Portrait, & Food – CANON EF V100mm Macro Lens

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro Lens has 100 millimeter focal length and 1:2.8 maximum aperture. It supports 23.4-Degree diagonal angle of view. The Lens construction consists of 15 elements in 12 groups and is compatible with 67 millimeter filters. The closest focusing distance is 0.99 feet; 0.3 meter and the maximum close-up magnification upto 1x.

Best for Lanscape – Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens

Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens supports diagonal angle of view 104° 57° 30′. You will get superior optics in any conditions with 3 aspherical lens elements and a super UD glass element. The closest focusing distance is 0.9 feet. The camera supports screw-in 77 millimeter filters or up to 3 gel filters.

Anyone who has a passion for photography will need a Canon lens. No wonder this is one of those very few companies that can satiate the need for photographers. The creation of these lenses is exceptionally made for creative minds who want to capture some of the best scenes behind the reels.

However, being offered unlimited choices can be overwhelming. Therefore, just to make it easy for you, we have chalked out some of the best canon lenses that can help you to capture outstanding photography.

So, let’s dive into finding the most-wanted weapons for photographers.

Best Canon Lenses

We have covered the best canon macro lens, wide-angle lens, portrait lens, and landscape lenses in this article.

1. CANON EF V100mm Macro Lens – Buy this from Amazon

The Canon EF V100m is one of the first ones in our collection that has the ability to satisfy the needs of many. However, when choosing this, you need to make sure that it is suitable for the model. This is popular as a unique lens that enables you to find out the true colors from macro photography.

The exceptional ability of macro magnifying makes this one of the top choices to acquire great results. The versatility of this lens allows you to create movies and show off your inescapable portrait work.

Let’s check the features that make it the best macro lens for canon.

  • Silent and Smooth: One of the prime needs of macro photography is having a quiet lens. Even the slightest sound can ruin the moment. Since Canon is one of those very few brands that apprehends and respects the need of macro photographers, it has come up with this unique lens.
  • 100mm focal length with speed: Speed is often the most common requirement and feature of a lens that is designated for macro photography. With silent autofocus and exceptional speed, you can achieve your goal. Additionally, the 100mm focal length allows you to zoom from a distance, keeping the object undisturbed.
  • Top-notch build quality: Canon has a range of series included in the product line, among which the L series is known for its amazing features. This lens has been specifically engineered to offer great results in challenging shooting conditions.
  • Great choice for portraits: It is known to be one of the top choices for portrait photography. Due to the UD or the Ultra-low Dispersion lens present, it eliminates the chromatic aberration along with producing amazing bokeh with the f/2.8 and circular aperture of 9-blade. You can vouch for the exceptional details that this lens can capture.
  • Hybrid Image Stabilization: It consists of the 100mm focal length, which becomes a great choice for portraits. This enables showing the features without making any distortions. Moreover, Image stabilization enables shooting in low light and capturing mesmerizing images.

2. Canon EF 180mm Telephoto Lens – Buy this Lens from Amazon

The unique and amazing telephoto lens offered by Canon for the photographers gives them a chance to take close shots. This 180mm macro lens with f/3.5 max aperture integrated with powerful features that enable photographers to take detailed shots. Enabling a soundproof mechanism enables us to take the detail of objects.

You can choose to take this lens anywhere you wish as being sealed with a weatherproof aspect. There are endless features included in the lens that can let you create jaw-dropping detailed photographs with ease.

  • Powerful magnification: this lens is said to be an ideal inclusion in a photographer’s list as it has a 1:1 magnification and enables you to focus from a good distance of 1.6′. This will ensure you shoot from a good distance while capturing close-ups.
  • Enhanced clarity: While capturing the moments, there is always a need to maintain color accuracy to hold details. Thankfully the color fringing included in the lens and ultra-low dispersion ensures color accuracy and reduces the chromatic aberrations.
  • Great working in strong light: The added feature called Super Spectra is included in the lens to minimize the gloating effect and ensure color neutrality. This will make sure that you are able to capture a fantastic shot. Along with it, the floating elements with the internal focusing enable maintaining consistency in image quality throughout.
  • Quiet and fast: The presence of the Ultrasonic motor delivers quiet, precise, and fast shots. It also has autofocus performance and manual focus.
  • Focus limiter: Inclusion of focus limiter enables you to focus on the different ranges to ensure better performance. It can enable you to focus on 1.6′ infinity and also 4.9′ infinity. Combined with the 8-blade diaphragm helps in selective focus techniques and shallow field depth.
  • Weather shield: The lens has cut out all the limitations, and hence the environment sealed aspect enables the photographers to use the lens everywhere.

All we can say, this is the best telephoto lens for canon.

3. Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens for SLR Cameras – Buy this Lens from Amazon

Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L Lens is a fantastic choice that you can include in the list but make sure that the model number is compatible with your SLR camera. Besides, since the lens is being powered with some of the astonishing features, you can find it easy to capture the best of the moment.

Besides, being backed with Canon’s mark ensures getting support for 1 year. Buy this versatile canon wide angle lens and let your dreams come true of capturing anything from weddings to detailed photography (nature, wildlife, or sports photography).

  • Constant illumination: The lens has been engineered to fulfill the diverse needs of photographers. The f/4 maximum aperture is capable of maintaining a constant illumination while zooming.
  • Reduced spherical aberrations: The lens has the Super UD element and the three aspherical elements. Two of these elements combine to reduce the spherical and chromatic aberrations. This again helps to realize the clarity, color consistency, and sharpness.
  • Super Spectra Coating: To reduce the ghosting and flare while shooting, especially in challenging lighting conditions, the Super Spectra coating can be beneficial. You will be able to acquire great shots even in low lighting.
  • Accurate yet quiet: No wonder the imaging capabilities of this lens are exceptional, but its wide-angle zoom comes with other ring-type USM along with an internal focusing system that enables accurate, quiet, and quick autofocus. No doubt that moment are for some second, and fast is the ultimate need. Hence this lens is the apt inclusion in your list.
  • Robust finish and great design: Being a member of the much-known L-series of Canon’s family, the lens has great value. Not only is it designed in a way to impress the photographs with its polished looks, but it also is being shielded against the moisture and dirt of the environmental conditions.

4. Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5 -4.5 USM SLR Lens for EOS Digital SLRs – Buy this Lens from Amazon

Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5 -4.5 lens is a versatile lens that comes with wide-angle capability and is designed for people looking forward to capturing fantastic photography. With the fantastic range of features included in this canon ultra wide angle lens, it allows the photographers to work in different shooting conditions.

Irrespective of your needs, this is the best wide angle lens for Canon, and its features have the ability to fulfill and surpass your requirements.

  • A Versatile choice: This Canon’s lens has been featured with the 16-3.5mm focal length range that makes it suitable for working in different kinds of shooting conditions. Combined with the fantastic look, this lens can captivate any photographer with astonishing features and an appealing look.
  • Optimum clarity: The lens has the Super Ultra-Low Dispersion glass included in it, which enables the reduction of chromatic aberrations and color fringing. Therefore, whenever you shoot with this lens, you can expect better color fidelity and clarity.
  • Less distortion: The presence of 3 aspherical elements in the lens ensures limiting the spherical aberrations. This enables accurate rendering and sharpness for the pictures.
  • Less ghosting: Being the L-series of the canon family, it consists of the Super Spectra coating that ensures minimizing the flare and ghosting that is generally caused in the challenging lighting conditions.
  • Quiet in Performance: The lens consists of the ring-type USM and also the internal focusing design. This enables precise, fast, and quiet operation. You will be able to capture some of the most amazing moments.

5. Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM Lens – Buy this Lens from Amazon

When it comes to choosing a camera for the fresher photographer, Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM Lens can just be the right inclusion. Being included with a powerful zooming feature helps to capture the amazing landscape pictures with ease. You can show your creativity in the most amazing way, even when you are a newbie.

The awesome image quality that this wide-angle lens can produce and capture makes it one of the exceptional choices for people.

Check why this is the best canon lens for landscape photography.

  • Zoom to Detail: The lens has unique and fantastic zooming features that are equal to 16-29mm. This is the lens that can take amazing landscape photos along with the exaggerated perspective that enables the lens to be used in a creative way to recreate any moment.
  • High clarity: The lens has been integrated with ultra-low dispersion glass, which can offer clearer pictures. You will find less chromatic aberrations and color fringing which results in producing color fidelity and clarity.
  • Accurate rendering: The presence of the aspherical elements makes sure of limiting distortions. This can again improve the sharpness and ensure just the right rendering.
  • Less ghosting: One of the biggest problems faced by photographers is when they are shooting in a challenging lighting area. The Super Spectra coating included in the lens ensures minimizing the flare and ghosting to offer exact color and contrast during the string lighting situations.
  • Stable Images: The Optical Image Stabilizer helps reduce the shake to a good four shutter speed. This becomes a great help to working under low light and also with slow shutter speeds.
  • Smooth and Silent functionality: The STM Stepping AF available in the lens fulfills the need for smooth and silent autofocus. Apart from this, it is complemented with a high-speed CPU, advanced AF algorithms, and a rear focus system for a great performance.
  • Impressive focus quality: The lens has been included with the seven-blade diaphragm that can ensure the focus quality, which will be advantageous during the focus techniques and depth of the field.

6. Canon EF 35mm f/2 Wide Angle Lens – Buy this Lens from Amazon

Canon EF 35mm f/2 Wide Angle Lens is another inclusion in the product line that can become the next big demand in the market. The lens has been engineered to suffice the needs and requirements of the photographers with some of the ultimate features.

It enables the people to capture anything that they wish with a fantastic focus distance and quiet and quick functionality.

  • Great for low light conditions: The presence of f/2 aperture makes it a lot advantageous when you are working in low light situations. It also enables great control on the depth of field and focus techniques.
  • Less distortions for better images: The lens has been provided with the glass-molded aspherical product, which enables suppressing the distortions and spherical aberrations for great sharpness and rendering.
  • Amazing contrast: The inclusion of the Super Spectra coating in the camera becomes a great choice to minimize the flare of contrast and ghosting. In challenging shooting situations, it becomes a valuable choice.
  • Exceptional shutter speed: The optical image stabilizer has become a good choice for minimizing the appearance that generally takes place due to shaking. The four shutter speed is a valuable addition to it.
  • Great performance: The lens has the ring-type USM and the rear focus that is used to acquire precise and fast autofocus performance. Besides, you will also get benefitted from the manual focus override.
  • Quiet Auto Focus:  Microstepping drive offers quiet focus and also the low-speed focus that can be a great choice for video recording. Included with the 8 blade diaphragm contributes to the focus quality.

7. Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 Telephoto Lens – Buy this Lens from Amazon

The Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 Telephoto Lens is prized for its amazing portraiture. One of the major characteristics of this lens is the compressed perspective. The flattering results achieved by this lens make it one of the best canon portrait lens for photographers.

Being included with ⅛ maximum aperture, the lens offers the photographers to capture some of the best shots even in low light conditions.

  • Working with low light: With the f/1.8 aperture, now the photographers can work in any challenging situation. This also offers improved control over the depth to work with the focus techniques.
  • Great color: The Super Spectra coating included in the lens provides the lens with a great quality of minimizing flare and ghosting.
  • Fast & Precise: Included with the ring-type USM, it offers quiet, fast, and precise autofocus performance. Besides, the manual focus override is an additional condition. Besides, the front lens does not rotate while focusing on permitting polarizing and filtering types.
  • Better focus quality: It has been included with the eight blade diaphragms that contribute to offer greater focus quality to use selective focus techniques and depth.

8. Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L Lens – Buy this Lens from Amazon

The versatile lens that can shoot in diverse situations, the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L Lens can be a great inclusion to acquire high-quality photographs. This is another inclusion in the L-series, which is being complemented with the exceptional design, making the lens a great choice for the users.

Additionally, the range of other features included in the lens makes this one of the prime choices of photographers when it is about quality images.

  • Less shaking for great images: The lens has been included with the Image Stabilizer for minimizing the shaker and acquiring better and sharper images.
  • Great for aspiring photographers: The full-frame standard zoom of the Canon EF offers 38.4 – 168mm focal length makes it one of the best choices to capture distance pictures. Additionally, the f/4 aperture enables consistent illumination.
  • Less color fringing: The availability of Super Ultra-Low Dispersion available in the lens minimizes the distortions and spherical aberrations for accurate rendering and better distortions.
  • Clearer images: Super Spectra Coating included in the lens in each element minimizes the flare and ghosting for color neutrality and greater contrast. This becomes valuable when working under string lighting.
  • Great images within less time: The presence of the ring-type USM and the internal design with a high-speed CPU enables users to capture images fast and precisely.
  • Better for the shallow depth effect: The availability of an eight-blade diaphragm enables pleasing the out of the quality, which becomes beneficial for selective focus techniques. Being a member of the L-series, it has been sealed to protect against moisture and dust.

9. Canon EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L USM Lens – Buy this Lens from Amazon

The extremely versatile Canon EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L USM Lens is a great choice for travelers. No matter the type of situation, the lens can become an ideal fit. Canon has never failed to impress the users by offering an impressive range of lenses for professional photographers.

Combined with the exclusive features in the lens, it can be the right fit for professionals.

We can say this is the best canon lens for portraits and more advanced photography.

  • Great stabilization: This lens has been engineered to offer exceptional stabilization. With Canon’s IS technology, you can expect to minimize the shaking effect of the camera.
  • Reduce color clarity: The Ultra-low dispersion elements that have been included can reduce the chromatin accretions and fringing to a significant extent. This can improve the color fidelity and clarity. Included with the aspherical elements rescue the distortions for accurate rendering.
  • Great image in challenging lighting: Super Spectra coating applied on the elements reduces the flare and ghosting in the shots. This, therefore, becomes applicable in color neutrality and contrast.
  • Quiet functionality: The USM and the internal focus technology included delivering quiet, fast, and precise images. You can also enjoy a great performance.
  • Range of focus: You can use the two different ranges of focus included in it to use in variable situations. You can find the 2.3’-infinity or the 8.2′ infinity. Besides, the eight-blade diaphragm pleases the focus quality, which can be advantageous for the shallow depth.
  • Great quality model: Being one of the models of the L-series, this lens makes sure to protect the lens even in adverse environmental conditions. Besides, the rotating tripod included becomes beneficial for working with a monopod or tripod.

10. Canon EF 50mm f/105 Lens – Buy this Lens from Amazon

Canon EF 50mm f/105 lens is a versatile lens that offers a range of focal lengths. This is a compact model, well designed to shoot in different shooting conditions. The f/1.8 maximum aperture of the lens becomes a lot beneficial to work in challenging lighting conditions.

The lens is suitable for variable conditions, and hence anyone who is using the lens can use their creativity to shoot some of the fantastic shots with this amazing product.

Let’s check why this is the best canon lens for portraits, action or night time photography.

  • Work in any lighting: The lens consists of the f/1.8 maximum aperture that ensures better use of selective focus that can be used in any lighting conditions.
  • Clearer picture with no ghosting: The Super Spectra coating applied to every individual element minimizes the ghost effect and the flares in photographs.
  • Quiet and fast operation: The AF motor included in the lens enables smooth and silent operations to the people. It delivers a smooth performance to be able to capture the best shots. Besides, the seven-blade diaphragm offers optimum focus quality.
  • Durable in nature: The lens has been included with the mental lens to improve the durability and also the relocated focusing on maintaining its compact look.

How to Find the Best Canon Lenses for You?

Now that you have gained knowledge on the outstanding canon lenses with some of the awesome features, how do you vouch for the best? There are some of the factors that you must keep in mind if you are willing to choose something that would help showcase your creativity.

Remember, its features are the main attributes that would let you decide on the lens. You must make sure of your needs first and then look for the lens.

So, to help you in making a decision to best buy canon lenses, here we will offer some of the most common features that would simplify the search.


Smaller the number, the better the photographs

You will find that the lens would mention maximum aperture. This is the feature that showcases the amount of light it can get through its sensor. When it mentioned much light, it clearly means that you can shoot in the dark without any blurring or shaking issues.

This is commonly offered as the aperture number like the f/2.8 or maybe 1:2:8. When you find a small aperture number, you can understand that more light is entering the camera. In theory, the best will be equal to 1. The brightest lens will offer f/1.2.

Even if you are into photography, something in between the f/2.4 – f/3.2 can be a valuable choice. The price point also is proportional to its, which means the higher the aperture number, the lesser the price. Most of the time, telephoto lenses are the ones to have larger aperture numbers.

Focal length:

Even when it is included in the second, remember this is often one of the most crucial things to consider when it comes to choosing a new lens. It is generally specified in mm, which says if the lens is a telephoto lens or a wide-angle one.

Telephoto lenses are the kind that makes the subject look far away even when it is close. 1 This is a good choice for portrait photography. You can acquire burr images with these lenses because of the depth of field included in the lens. These are generally bigger compared to the wide-angle lenses.

Wide-angle lenses are most chosen for detailed nature photography, wildlife photography, or sports photography, which is more of the landscape. Since these lenses have been engineered with both depth and brightness, they tend to be physically lighter and smaller.

It is always crucial to know that the focal length is associated with the Image Sensor of the camera. When you get a small focal length, is it applicable for wide-angle photography, while when you find bigger focal lengths, it can be referred to as telephoto lenses.


For most people, irrespective of their profession, a zooming lens would be an appropriate choice. You will find that most of the zooming lenses will mention the two different focal lengths. If you want to understand in detail, you have to divide the maximum by the minimum. Suppose the product mentions 18 – 55m, which means that you can get 3x zoom.

Image Stabilization:

Even when most of the DSLR camera bodies mention more image stabilization, brands like Canon also include the same in their lens. This is mostly done by moving elements included in the lens which eliminates the shake.


This is again a feature that is a lot different in different lenses. Distortion is the straight line that is found towards the edge. Here the images are mostly bent either outward or inward. Canon definitely takes this into account while constructing to ensure the best possible quality. Every product that they deliver mentions the correction of distortions.


Thanks for making it this far!

Hopefully, we were able to provide detailed information on the best canon lenses available in the market. Although each lens has been included with diverse features, make sure you check before you buy.

So have fun and enjoy photography.

We have included options for every type of photography above. Here is a recap of our best canon lenses.

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