6 Best Gas Stoves in India 2024

A kitchen is never complete without a gas stove. This is an essential inclusion in every kitchen that allows us to cook everything we wish. You definitely want to eat delicious cooked or fried food which again brings the need for the best gas stoves.

Besides, you would not like to mess up the interior that you have created by bringing something very ordinary. Therefore to help you acquire the best gas hobs that are designed with interior knowledge and safety in mind, we have made a list of some of the best gas stove brands in India.

Best gas stove in India

We have curated this list keeping in mind the most common things that are required in a good gas stove. So without any more introductions, let us check the best glass top stove in India that you must buy if you are looking for a quality one.

Best Gas Stoves in India

After doing some extensive research we have listed top 6 gas stoves available in the Indian market today.

 1. Prestige Magic 4 Burner Gas Stove


Prestige is known for its brand name which they have attained by offering great service on a constant basis. This amazing product is different from other ordinary gas stoves as it comes in a duplex style. The inclusion of the Schott glass in this gas stove improves the elegance and beauty of this product. To ensure that the user can maneuver it easily, the ergonomic knob designs can become a valuable choice.

Irrespective of the location, we always wish to get our cooking job done as early as it can be therefore Indian pan support can show its worth. Keeping a good distance and drip tray the stove can surpass all the parameters that we generally look for. This is one of the best 4 burner gas stove in India.

This toughened glass top stove improves its longevity and combined with brass burner ensures all type of cooking. The inclusion of the spill proof design makes it easy to clean and maintain. You can stay assured that you are taking the right step for safety.

It has a dimension of 77 cm x 45 cm x 12 cm and comes with 2 years of product warranty. With super easy maintenance and impressive looks, this gas stove can fulfill your needs.

2. Prestige Premia Schott Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove 


Prestige Premia Schott Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove is the next one in the list and as usual prestige has taken the market with its impeccable collection. This brand has innovated and included appeal in these products. The fantastic looking products have been engineered with the Schott glass that is designed in German to ensure an unmatched elegance. You will simply fall in love with the look.

Keeping in mind about the basic needs of the users, the inclusion of individual pan support will reduce cooking times. Beyond that, it also ensures easy cleaning compared to the conventional ones. Making sure that it does not spill oil or liquid on the countertop, it comes with the spillproof design. So now you can stay relaxed no matter who is using the gas.

The availability of different sizes of tip-pin burners ensures fulfilling your cooking needs and included with ergonomic knob offer easy operation. Beyond everything, you can stay assured of smooth functionality with the Sabaf gas valve. This is a product imported from Italy that ensures safety.

The size of this gas stove is 68.5 cm x 60 cm x 16 cm and available in a range of color options. Besides, the 2 years of warranty that comes with it ensures relaxation. Buy this if you wish to complement your amazing looking kitchen and don’t want to hamper the countertop by spilling oil. Prestige Premia is our 2nd pick as the 4 burner gas stove in India.

3. Prestige Vogue Hob Top

Best hob top gas stove in India


Prestige, one of the best gas stove company in India is known to offer some of the amazing gas stoves to the people. These products not only ensure being efficient but also their amazing look makes sure to accentuate the look of the interior. The Hob top is another amazing inclusion in their assortment that comes with one touch automatic ignition. This means you will no longer need to use a lighter to ignite.

The products have an ultra slim body that can adjust anywhere. You can stay relaxed while using it. No wonder, this is known as the slimmest designed gas stove and best hob in India. The cast iron pan support enables you to cook almost anything without worry about damage or breakage. The shiny glass is tough enough to ensure the cooking utensils.

It consists of the 4 brass burners that are included in different corners to help you cook several recipes at the same time. To make sure that you can buy without stress the product comes with a massive 5 years of warranty on the glass and another 2 years on the product.

It has a dimension of 67.5 x 59.5 x 21 cm and comes in the most elegant design. So if you are willing to include the best auto ignition gas stove in India, this can be a great option for you.

4. Prestige Edge Glass Gas Stove 


The Prestige Edge Glass Gas Stove is again a slim option that you have. It has been designed with an ultra slim body that offers a clean and tidy look to the kitchen. You will be dazzled with the glossy look that this stove has which comes from the use of an aluminum frame. The performance and durability of the gas comes from the use of aluminum.

Since the brand understands the need of fast cooking, it has been included with the jumbo burner. So no more will you have to keep cooking the entire day with the use of this gas stove. Along with it, the brass burners are available in different sizes so that you can cook as per your priority.

The glass top is not prone to wear and tear because of the toughened glass. This ensures making the stove look elegant and improves the heat resistance and toughness. It also has the ergonomic knob designs that help you to ease the use of this burner. Besides, you can stay assured that it won’t turn off due to wind because of the presence of the flame protection guard.

The use of Schott glass makes it shock proof. The gas stove comes in the dimension of 65 x 52 x 10 cm and in a pastel pink shade. So, if you want a manual gas stove that can accentuate the kitchen decor, you can place your order now.

5. Prestige Edge Gas Table


This is yet another amazing product included in the assortment of Prestige. The impeccable looks of this amazing gas stove offers sophistication in your kitchen. Besides being included with endless features makes this gas stove a valuable inclusion. The ultra slim body of this gas stove offers the sleek look that we long for.

You can find a glossy finish on the gas which comes from the use of an aluminum frame. This makes sure that you can ensure the performance and will not wear and tear in the coming days. Besides, being aware of the need for fast cooking, the jumbo burners can be a lot more valuable.

It has the top pin brass burners included in a range of sizes that enable you to cook according to your priorities. The frame protection includes ensuring your gas burner will not turn off. Keeping everything in mind, the ergonomic knob designs enable you to use the knobs with ease.

This slim gas stove is available in a dimension of 70 x 60 x 15 cm which makes it look fantastic in your kitchen. The black sleek look accentuates the inner decor of the room.

6. Gst Royale Plus Schott Glasstop


Even the last one in the least which is nowhere less than others mentioned above is definitely another fantastic looking and features gas stove. The inclusion of Schott glass in this gas stone assured the longevity and durability of it.

Keeping the need for perfect pan support design in mind, this has been created to fulfill your desires. Besides, to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance this individual pan support design can be very effective.

The pin tip burners come in different sizes for fast cooking along with the ergonomic knobs included to ensure that it becomes easy for your fingers to access. Coming to safety, the Sabaf gas valves that are imported from Italy ensure being a durable and sage option.

With a dimension of 70 x 61 x 17 cm and black elegant design, you can blindly have faith in this option offered by Prestige to ensure a safe and fantastic looking kitchen.


The gas chulha price in India is very reasonable. These are the top 6 gas stoves that can fulfill your need for an appealing and safe stove. These are offered by Prestige which itself defines the safety that comes with it. These slim and sleek looking stoves can improve the interior of your kitchen and help you to enjoy cooking without wasting much time on the kitchen.

Here are the recaps of our best gas stoves in India.

Frequently asked Questions about Best Gas Stoves in India

Q1. Which is the best top gas stove brand in India?

Answer: Prestige. They are currently making the best cooking range in India.

Q2. How to choose the best cooktop in India?

Answer: Check about the quality of materials (glass/hob), Ignition system, Burner Quality, Knob, Spill proof design.

Q3. Which are the top 5 gas stove brands in India?

Answer: Prestige, Faber, Glen, Milton, Butterfly.

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