Best Practices for Choosing ERP Software


All use the ERP software tool. It is the heart of the business assisting in achieving your specific goals. Choosing the right one for your business would be an important decision you would require making. It would be important to make the right decision. Find below a few ERP systems selection criteria to consider for your ERP software choice needs.

Business requirements

Your foremost criteria would be to develop a clear list of your ERP needs. Consider using every resource made available to make an excellent list. Communicate with your production workers along with your purchasing manager. Consider listening to your executive management, suppliers, and customers. Consider making a list of requirements first. You could manage a list of non-essentials later. However, the question to ponder upon would be whether the non-essential list would benefit the company.

Support from the upper management

At times, gaining support from the upper management is not deemed important. You could choose the best ERP for the company without adequate support from the upper management. However, it would not be wrong to suggest that without adequate support from the upper management, the project does not have a bright future. Support would not only get you the desired approval for spending but active support by the management when you need resources from another department.

User support

Most people in the functional arena would use the ERP. It would help you gain support by ensuring the inclusion of their desires and needs in the requirements list. It would be important for the users to know that they would have adequate support they require inclusive of providing training and equipment for using the ERP and receiving value for themselves and the company. It would be in your best interest to ensure them of the support for the desired changes. Ensure that the documentation required by the users would be provided to them as and when required. The documentation would not be compromised on the quality aspect.

Functional requirement

It would be pertinent to mention here that your business has some functional requirements. It must be satisfied before you change or update the functional requirements. Inquire whether the ERP support sales orders. It should be related to physical products and services. Consider the accounting components of ERP. It should be inclusive of several currencies along with the ability to work with a wide variety of tax systems in those respective nations.

Integration with present systems

A business considering choosing an ERP might be contented with other systems adequate to solve their purpose. As a result, the business would not be interested in changing several systems and their ERP. The question to consider would be how the ERP would integrate with those systems. The common data elements would be to consider –

  • Whether the ERP could read and use the data present in the other system
  • Would you allow usage of the same data to be prevalent in the system
  • How would you keep those differently updated data aspects attuned

These have been some of the best practices essential for choosing ERP software.