How Social Media Can Benefit You to Grow Your Business During the Pandemic

As we all know that the world is changing too rapidly overnight. No person can ever imagine such a huge pandemic on the scale; with a lot of businesses that may be forced to shut down to assist stop the spreading of Covid-19.

But ranges from huge adversity that comes with some great opportunity. It is high time to adapt for survival and social media marketing can be helpful for all businesses to withstand this pandemic storm.


With a lot of people staying at home, it is soaring for social media as these online searches are in some specific categories.

Today, social media reported around a forty-four percent increase in searching for leisure activities, a seventy percent up in searches for some fitness equipment &hobbies has an incline of nineteen percent.

There is also an increase of fifty-two percent for videoconferencing as well as software tools. Some searches associated with essential products, food, streaming services, and TV have also been increased as well.

As the usage of social handles is up and spending on ads in a lot of sectors is too down, it is more likely because of the companies that slash budgets to overcome all losses as caused by shutting down with addition to ads on Facebook.

It is too mandatory to update the strategy of social media marketing to reflect all changes &adjust to all changes as per the customer interests. Here are some reasons below

Collaboration with influencers and brands

Activate the mindset of “we are all together in this” & partner with some mutual benefits of your business and other people. Get in touch with some local business owners and some influencers to collaborate with some giveaways and some other projects.

You can find out some people with the help of LinkedIn through an advanced search by filtering to narrow down as per the city. Also, you can find some people by putting hashtags on Instagram.

For instance, if you’re in the field of beauty, then you need to use some hashtags such as #beautyinfluencers and #torontobloggers to refine searches according to the location and industry.

Increase Conversions

The followers on social media are worthless if you are not converting them into customers. Yes, it is too impressive to have such an interactive following but if you are not pushing it to the official website to transform all followers to customers, they are simply voyeurs serving not even a real purpose.

The most cost-effective and quickest technique is to convert followers into the consumer is by using giveaways to build an email database.

Use Giveaways to Increase Brand Awareness

Provide all your fans various ways to enter a giveaway to acquire maximum brand awareness. Instruct to enter by tapping on the link as given in the bio, and tagging all three users who are ready to giveaways/sharing the contest image.

The latter pictures can heighten awareness about the brand among all budget markets and they do not leave those users who are not more likely to spend time navigating to the profile, tapping the link &enter with an email address.

There are many complex interplays of social media that you may face while promoting your brand online. Socially Powerful is a global attention agency that promises results with its proven social media strategy and influencer marketing techniques. They are one of the world’s leading global social and influencer marketing agencies that invent ideas to inspire people to act.

We hope these tips will help your brand to stand out, not lost in the noise.