How the World is Celebrating International Day of Yoga 2021

On International Yoga Day, we wish health and wellness to everyone. 

Yoga – a traditional and conventional form of practice, works as breath for every cell and music that creates harmony and serenity. This is said to be one of the best ways to rejuvenate your body and mind and lead a healthy lifestyle. 

This traditional form offers mental and physical relaxation along with work to develop resilience and strength. With the enumerative benefits that Yoga practice can deliver, it has become a name for the people to stay healthy during the pandemic. 


Before moving forward to finding more about the International Day of Yoga 2021, let us have a glimpse of the history of this day. 

History of Yoga Day: 

In India, it is believed that Yoga originated a few thousand years back. Even Rig Veda, which is a mythological book, also mentions Yoga in it. In the year 2014, the Honorable PM of India Narendra Modi delivered a speech that proposed the idea of yoga day and its numerous benefits. 

This is where the PM of India ensured that this has a valuable gift that was gifted from the traditional times. Highlighting the benefits and the way it tends to connect humans with nature can only be possible with Yoga. 

What is the Theme of International Yoga Day 2021?

This year, as per the UN Website, the theme constitutes “Yoga for wellbeing.” This means the way to practice Yoga to promote great health.

Tweet By United Nations on International Yoga Day 2021:

If you witness the current time when the entire world is fighting with the Coronavirus, people have been into various sufferings.

Not only has the pandemic triggered the deaths of people due to the virus, but also people are suffering from tremendous mental and psychological issues. In such hard times, embracing Yoga can be a beneficial move for people to stay healthy even in isolation. 

When it comes to rehabilitation and psycho-social care, practicing Yoga has a lot of importance. With families in quarantine and people in isolation, Yoga can become an invaluable way to promote wellbeing. Even WHO suggests practicing Yoga and includes it in the Global Action Plan for 2018-30. 

With the entire world being highlighted with the importance and how it facilitates both mental and physical wellbeing, Yoga has become a holistic approach for the world. With the ability to rejuvenate your mind, it is now celebrated worldwide. 

On International Yoga day, Indian Prime Minister takes this step forward to discover the oneness with yourself, nature and the world. He said that Yoga could become a great and natural source to acquire inner strength and eliminate negativity. He even mentioned how Yoga had got its position in medical science when it comes to healing. 

To uphold the nation’s strength, not only Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but also politicians, celebrities, sports persons, and common people from all over the world performed Yoga. However, to maintain the prime regulation of not being a part of a gathering, the event was held virtually. 

So, on this International Yoga Day, let us come forward and pledge to maintain physical and mental wellbeing by keeping Yoga a part of our lifestyle.