Printing an Invoice: Steps Involved, Advantage and Disadvantages

Invoice Printing

In the traditional sales transaction, invoice printing plays an essential role. When you send a copy of an invoice to your customer, it reminds them that the work is completed or the goods are sold. Invoicing plays a pivotal role in businesses and keeps track of cash flow.

What is Invoice Printing?

Invoicing is an essential part and is the commercial document. This is generally used to keep a record of the transactions that are happening between two parties. When you are printing the invoice, it means you are keeping a physical record of the transaction. However, it is a must for business owners to first check the invoice before you print it.

In current times, computer-generated invoices have become widely popular. These are commonly printed and then are being sent to the customers.

Even when a physical invoice is not mandatory, keeping a physical printing can be valuable. It works as a reference and helps to take appropriate actions in times of need.

Steps involved in printing invoice

Here are some of the major steps that you require following during invoice printing.

Step 1: You need to open the invoice in the software that you have.

Step 2: Make sure you have checked the details mentioned in the invoice like payment due date, the amount payable, tax, date, company name, address, etc.

Step 3: Make sure that the invoice complies with the requirements according to your company’s turnover.

Step 4: Click on preview and check it.

Step 5: Once you have checked and are assured, you need to click on “print” to get it printed.

Pros and Cons of Printing an Invoice

There are some people who would say good things about invoice printing, while others will go the other way. No wonder there are both advantages and disadvantages associated with it – so we will have a look at it.


  • East to read: Keeping a print of your invoice means you have something that can be read easily compared to the electronic version.
  • Record Keeping: When keeping the printed invoices, it can be beneficial during tax filing and record keeping.


  • Not eco-friendly: When you are printing invoices, it means you are using a lot of paper. This also means that you are killing the trees. Besides, it also requires using a lot of toner and power to use the printer. The chemicals in the toner are also not a great choice for the environment.
  • More cost: Invoice printing is something that increases your expenses. Not only are you using the power to use the computer, but also you will need to buy a quality printer. Besides, you will need the toner, which also involves a lot of money to buy. So, if you are willing to reduce the cost, invoice printing is not a great option.
  • More time: You have to spend more time printing it. Since you have to do things manually and keep them in files properly, you have to invest more time and money in it. Digital invoicing, on the other hand, will be easier to manage and does not take much time.

How do you email an invoice?

The very first thing that you need is to write the information correctly. Once you are sure about it, you can attach it to the email and make sure to write a good subject line and body. This will help your clients to immediately understand what they can expect from the email.

Invoicing is one of the best practices that businesses should follow, irrespective of their offerings. However, invoice printing depends on your choice. Invoice printing is mandatory if you are into retail sectors where you have to deal with customers. For physical record-keeping, invoice printing can be very effective. So keep track of the transaction and print your invoices.