10 Things to Consider Before Choosing your Perfect Laser Printer

With more and more brands are showing up with technological advancements, the cost of a laser printer is becoming reasonable to make it available for every home.


For the students or for the people who are willing to set up their new office or home, you have now access to the printing devices by investing a reasonable amount. No wonder a busy office will need a laser printer and it is no more a secret. With great speed, quality printing and economical pays on per page, printers have become a valuable asset.

However, being overburdened with multiple options, making choices becomes a tough endeavor. So just to make the choices easier, here we have curved out 10 essential things that need to be considered while buying a laser printer.

How to Buy a Laser Printer for Home or Office Use?

1. Color or Monochrome:

The very first thing that you need to check is whether the printer fits your basic needs. You need to make sure of the kind of documents you would like to print and which will suit the best for your needs. If your requirement is to only print the invoices or any other types of monochrome documents, you can blindly choose the monochrome printers. However, if your needs are colorful, you should definitely invest in color printers.

2. Functionalities:

If you are looking for a laser printer that would work more than a printer then you need to make sure of making a thorough research work first. While some printers are there that offer more than printing like receiving faxes, making copies and much more, you have to understand your needs and then depending on your requirements, you can choose a printer.

3. Handling papers:

Generally, most of the printers have the ability to handle paper of A4 size and therefore you have to find specific models that can suffice your needs. When the printers have the multi-purpose tray, it can have the ability to handle different kinds of papers. You also need to check for the capacity of the paper numbers.

4. Connectivity:

USB is now the new standard in the printers but when it comes to the office needs, Ethernet can be a great integration. This enables you to plug printers in the network router and easily share it with the office workers. Besides, there is wireless connectivity these days which gives you the freedom to access directly from mobile devices. Life becomes much easier with this. 

5. Easy to use:

With touchscreen being the new normal for the people with the availability of touchscreen mobile phones, laptop and tablets, what if you are able to find touchscreen printers? Touch Screen enables you to make navigation easier and make the laser printer seamless to use. Apart from this, swiftness of the paper tray and ease to change cartridges also comes in the ease of use.

6. Cost of the toner:

No wonder that the initial cost is lesser but while buying you have to be knowledgeable of the overall cost. You must check the replacement cost of the toner, the number of pages it can print, and the other elements associated. This has to say about the overall cost that you need to pay for the toner and how much it can yield.

7. Power consumption:

Power consumption is another major aspect that you require considering when you are choosing a printer. To be more specific, when you are looking for a printer, make sure that it includes the deep sleep mode and also check the power consumption when active to understand the consumption, Do not forget assessing the energy star.

8. Noise emission:

This is probably one of the hardest things to evaluate because you will not be able to understand the noise made by it while printing unless it’s actively printing. Even when it is underrated, you need to be mindful of it especially when you are into hardcore printing. Check the decibels to comprehend the sound it makes while printing.

9. Duty cycle:

When you are buying a laser printer, make sure you are checking the duty cycle which means the number of pages the printer is capable of printing in a month. It generally rates between 1000 to 5000 pages.

10. Ease of installation:

You definitely would not like to invest much time on installation and definitely would not want to pay someone else for installation and hence make sure that you read the description before buying. Remember you have to change the cartridge and therefore the easier, the better for you.

Bottom Line

When you are willing to buy the best laser printer among the overwhelming options, you have to be mindful. Hopefully the above mentioned points on how to buy a printer would be a great help and ease the buying.