Top 10 Game Development Companies in India to Work in 2022

In today’s day, when the world has been pampered with convenience and accessibility, apps and games have become a common thing. Besides after a busy day or week when people stay in their homes, online games became the only way to relax and pass time. Google Play Store and Apple App Store have been flooded with multiple game choices.

Best gaming companies in India

This has also resulted in the emergence of many game development companies in India, along with some that have been around for a long time. However, it can still become a big challenge for many to find the best game development companies in India. If this is the first time you are looking for the top gaming companies in India, then it will be easier to find the top few names. From the best pool of companies known for exceptional game development, India has quite a few in its bucket. 

So, without any further ado, let us find out some of the top names on the list for Indian game developers.

Top Game Development Companies in India

1. Infosys

Infosys is an Indian company and a known MNC that offers Information Technology, outsourcing, and consultation services. Being the second-largest IT company based in India after TCS, Infosys is known for offering one of the best game development services to its clients. 

It has 82 marketing and sales offices along with 123 development centers in the world, you will be able to get a multitude of services at one point. When it comes to game development, Infosys has some of the best game developers who have experience in working on VR/AR and 3D games. Thus, they are among the top gaming companies in India.

2. Zensar Technologies

When it comes to looking for the top web development and game development company, Zensar technology is definitely the name that can meet your diverse requirements. It was established in 1991, and since then, it has started offering unmatched service to its clients. 

The company started with a few employees, and now it has more than 10K employees located in over 10 nations. They are known for offering the best service in web development, AI and automation, game development, Data Science, Cloud infrastructure, and other latest technologies.

3. TCS

TSC or the Tata Consultancy Service is one of the most reputed gaming companies in India and has a worldwide reputation. Being one of the reputed names, they are known for offering a multitude of services. Coming to game development, TCS has some of the best developers who can manage services very well. 

You can get services like IoT, mobile apps, Blockchain, VR, AR and Unity 3D game development, AI, and much more. With the best team of game developers that the company holds, they are able to offer top-notch game development services to companies. 

4. Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is a known entity in India and among the renowned game companies in Bangalore and other locations of India. This reputed IT corporation is one of the most valued IT service providers in the world. Game development, cloud solution, VR games, AI and automation, are some of the major services offered by the company. 

This renowned firm started its journey in 1968 and currently has more than 149 facilities that have been spread across 46 nations. The game development team is known for being excellent in its activities and services, which has made them count among the best game development companies.

5. Gameshastra

This is one of the best game studios in India that have created some of the most legendary games with hundreds and thousands of players throughout the world and nation. The highly experienced professional designers, engineers, and artists in their team have contributed to more than 100 games. 

Using licensed platforms and the latest tools, they are able to meet the demand of the industry. The internal production staff and the amazing hierarchy ensure getting proper support and facilitate communication that delivers the best results. They can develop games from different genres, including Arcade fighting, sports, story, casual racing games, and shooters.

6. Rockstar India

Rockstar India is a name of a passionate and committed team that has teamed up to offer unbelievable service to its clients. With a perfect team who have worked together on multiple and renowned projects, they are able to become among the top names in the nation. 

With the best team and technology that they have integrated, they can develop a multitude of games from different genres.

7. Unanimous Studios

Unanimous Studios is a known game and mobile app development company that was founded back in 2008. They are known for being consistent in their actions and offering unmatched game development services. They are from the pioneers who were the ones to adapt to the technologies at the earliest and can fill the demand of the evolving tech market. 

The company has gained experience by working on more than 200+ apps based on different niches and games. Till now, they have over 5000 apps developed on the Appstore. They are definitely a great choice for clients who are in search of a good and experienced game development company.

8. HData Systems

HData Systems is again a known company based in India, which has been known in India for offering great game development services. Besides, the company has gained popularity by improving the performance and productivity of businesses. 

The company holds specialization in different genres, which include software development, automation, game development, and big data science. They have been one of the major names in Data Science and integrate different technologies to offer exceptional game development services. 


TIMUZ is the name of a known firm specializing in game development and interactive entertainment. The company was formed in 2010 in India which has become one of the biggest gaming companies in India. They are certainly a great choice when it comes to developing different types of games. 

They can develop games from different genres like RPS, Puzzle, Casual, Racing, Arcade, Strategy, adventure, action, and much more. So irrespective of the type of game that you wish to create, they can offer successful results.

10. Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem is another name that was founded in 2011, and since then, they have continued to become a great star. They have been offering the best game development service to clients. With a fantastic team of game developers, they can create any game. 

They are specialized in developing VR games, casual games, AR, Unreal Engine, and 3D games. Holding knowledge of game development and being experienced by delivering exceptional services, they can become an excellent choice for exceptional game development.

Other Top Game Publishers in India :

Kwalee India is an independent mobile game developer and publishers based in the UK, is now growing with staff in India. Also, Sumo Digital Pune is a top name in the game development industry working with 10 international studios in the UK, Europe and India.


So, these are some of the most popular and top names of game development companies in India. You have the freedom to choose an Indian video game company as they have the competency and knowledge to create fantastic games.