How to Choose the Best Smartphone for You?

Smartphone are a necessity of the modern age. These days we cannot think of a life without our smartphones. Obviously whether you argue it to be a desire or want; we all know that life is almost impossible without a smartphone. 


Whether you are looking for a smartphone to do the most common things on your phone like texting and calling, you can buy any but if you are looking for more, you might need to keep an eye on the features and functionalities. 

Besides, when you are paying a good amount, irrespective of the intention you are choosing to buy, all you need is to make sure that you are making a worthy choice. 

Therefore, just to make your choice a bit easier, let us have a look at some of the most essential criterions that you must check when choosing a smartphone. 

Build quality: 

Better the build quality = better the durability. 

This is one of the most important aspects that you need to check when buying a smartphone. Choosing a durable smartphone ensures lasting for years and more. Smartphones with metal bodies look classier and have better durability. However, some advanced plastics do serve the same longevity. 

Make sure you never bet your hard-earned money on something that looks cheap. 

Screen Size:

Screen size depends on your desire. Majorly the screen size is categorized into three prime sizes namely large, medium, and small.

  • If you like the screen-size to be 5 inch or maybe smaller, small screen sized smartphones are the best choice. The best part about these smartphones is they are handy and compact. 
  • If you like something from 5 to 5.5 inches of screen size, you can go for the medium screen size. These smartphones can fit for any need. 
  • If you are looking for more than 5.5 inches of screen for watching videos, reading, gaming, you can go for the large-sized screen. 


When we ask you to check the design we mean to check the finish, aesthetics, edges, and thickness. Besides, there are several other functionality related factors. When you buy a phone that has been effectively designed, you can stay assured of accessing it with one hands while getting ample space to watch videos, read and game. 

Therefore, make sure that you settle for something that is worth the price. 


In the world of smartphones, you can find different types of displays and some of the most common ones include LCD, Super AMOLED, AMOLED, OLED, and other Retina Display. The price point varies from one to another. The better the display quality you choose, the better your experience will be.

Remember the high-end phones have a crisp and good display.  

OS and RAM:

Operating System are mainly Apple’s iOS, and Google’s Android. Since the OS has a bigger role to play in the smartphone, make sure you vouch on the best one. Coming to the RAM, it has a lot to decide on the smartphone’s responsiveness. If you are someone who is into multitasking, remember to go for high RAM to eliminate lag. 


Last but never the least, cameras are one of the prime features that are taken into consideration. While buying a phone, you definitely need to check the camera resolution as then only your smartphone can serve the need of a camera. 

Remember with more pixels, you can expect better camera quality.

Bottom Line: These are some of the most common features that you should definitely check while choosing a smartphone. These features have a lot to do with the functionality and hence if your smartphone is able to satisfy these features, you can totally bet on it.