MissMurrayMiaa is back with her new song ‘No Dry Eyes’

MissMurrayMiaa is back with her song No Dry Eyes

One of the popular songwriter, producer and singer, MissMurrayMiaa is back with her song “No Dry Eyes”. She has been working in the music industry for quite a sometime. The singer has been grew up listing to music and after working in different genre she is back with this song. This song is part of her 2022 album collection “It’s a Girl’s World”. The album has different style of tracks that you will love to listen.

MissMurrayMiaa is not the person to stay within the status quo. She likes to try different things. That’s why she came back with “No Dry Eyes”, an interesting song that everyone loves to listen again and again.


The singer opened up 2022 with her three vocal-less music but currently she launched ‘No Dry Eyes’, a new single where you can listen to her amazing voice. She showcases the softer side of her artistry through this song. You will love to listen it with someone you love.

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